Natralus Australia Lip Butter Review

Hands up if you battle with dry lips – all. year. round. Yep mine are both up there! For some reason my lips are dry in summer and even dryer in winter. I have never truly have smooth gorgeous lips until now! 


I started using the Natralus Lip Butter a week ago and cannot believe the results already! The Paw Paw Lip Butters are enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E and then pumped with natural flavour that smell amazing! Honestly, they’re good enough to eat! Natralus is a 100% owed and made company that specialises in lip butters and paw paw ointments.


The gorgeous lip butters come in three flavours; strawberry, coconut and honey & vanilla with the cocoa butter flavour launching soon!


I would highly recommend these products to anyone who wants gorgeous, soft lips! They are available at Woolworths stores, independent supermarkets and health food stores.

Xoxo, P&P

PS – Kelly from Natralus sent me the most amazing honey and jam from The Beerenberg Family Farm and oh my word – they are to die for!


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